Chapter 21: A Warning Rejected

think about...

1. What was Miller’s attitude toward the establishment of a new religious denomination? How did the proclamation of the advent message affect the growth of the churches? 375:1, 2 [429:1, 2]

2. What changed conditions led to the separation of many Ad- ventists from their former churches? 376:1 [430:1]

3. How would the spirituality of the churches logically be af- fected by the dismissal or withdrawal of such members as loved Christ’s appearing? What contemporary testimony corroborates “a sudden and marked” declension in spiritual life? 376:2-377:2 [430:2-451:2]

4. What tragic results follow the deliberate rejection of Bible truth? How is this principle illustrated in the Jewish people in Christ’s day, and since? 377:3-378:2 [431:3-432:2]

5. What was the design of the first angel’s message, and what blessed results were experienced by those who accepted it? 379:1-3 [433:1-3]

6. What were the reasons that led to a general prejudice against and unbelief in the advent message? What did its rejection involve? 380:1, 2 [434:1, 2]

7. How is the term “Babylon” as used in the book of Revelation, shown to be a Symbol of an unfaithful church? and what Scriptures identify this church with Rome? 381:1-382:3 [434:3-436:2]

8. Who are the “daughters,” and what facts show that they are the ones especially referred to in the second angel’s message? 382:3- 385:1 [436:3-439:1]

9. How do the present standards of the popular churches com-

pare with the ideals of their founders? 385:2-388:1 [439:2-442:3]

10. What is symbolized by the “wine”? How may the Bible be as effectively prohibited by subtlety as by edict? 388:2-389:1 [443:1-3]

11. What is the relation of the announcement of the fall of Baby- lon in Revelation 14:8 and in chapter 18:4, 5? Do the conditions as they have developed during the half century since this was written confirm the forecast then made? 389:2, 3 [444:1, 2]

12. As we near the climax of the modern apostasy, what hopeful view is given to encourage missionary activity? 390:2, 3 [445:1, 2]